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Mayco Offers an Outstanding Range of Babbitt Material for Sale

Lead Babbitt, or white metal, has played an important role in industrial settings throughout the last two centuries. With superior load bearing capabilities and a wide array of strengths and compositions, it is no wonder this is a popular choice to suit any type of machinery. At Mayco Industries, we are proud to bring you an outstanding range of Babbitt metal alloy products to suit your requirements. As the leaders in the industry, our formulations are rigorously tested for superior results every time.

Superior Strength Through Babbitt Metal Composition Choices

Babbitts are a formulation of a range of metals that work together to deliver strength and lubrication for machinery with moving parts. At Mayco Industries, we supply lead Babbitt alloys with a number of materials at different compositions. In addition to lead, our Babbitt materials combine a selection of antimony, tin, copper and nickel to create the strength required for your application. We specialize in products for both general use and specialized processes.

Our Options for Babbitt Metal for Sale

Mayco Babbitt is offered in a variety of alloys and is produced to meet Federal Specifications. Available in 8-10lb. notch bars, packed in 50 lb. cartons in the following types in order of hardness:


  • No. 4 Babbitt – A common hardware grade used for various non-critical low speed applications.
    – 5-7% Antimony, Balance Lead
    50 lb. cartons of No. 4 Babbitt available for same day shipping.
  • No. 7 Babbitt (Universal) – A harder Babbitt than No. 4, also for low to medium speed applications, such as unidirectional and moderate cyclic loads.
    – 10% Tin, 15% Antimony, Balance Lead
  • No. 3 Babbitt – General purpose high speed Babbitt. Works well with thin bearings of light running machinery with light to medium pressures such as compressors, electric motors, pumps and stationary engine parts.
    – 87% Tin, 10% Antimony, 3% Copper
  • Genuine A Grade 2 Babbitt– Virtually Lead Free. A high tin content Babbitt typically used for high speed and low-pressure applications.
    – 89% Tin, 7.5% Antimony, 3.5% Copper
  • 4X Nickel Babbitt – Similar to Genuine A Grade 2 but with added Nickel for higher speed applications, such as re-surfacing Babbitt Bearings.
    – 87.5% Tin, 7.5% Antimony, 4.5% Copper, .5% Nickel


Other alloys are available upon request.

Versatile Use with Babbitt Lined Bearings

Babbitt lined bearings are the perfect way to create practical solutions for your application. Enjoy exceptional corrosion resistance and wetting, as well as reduced wear and friction for a superior lifespan of your machinery. With superior performance in a range of temperatures, and a range of load conditions, our lead Babbitt products will provide long and practical use.

Mayco Industries is the leader in lead Babbitt metal for sale. To create a custom Babbitt alloy or for ordering and pricing information, do not hesitate to contact us at (800) 749-6061.

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