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Sheet Lead Squares/Rolls

Where to Buy Lead Sheets


Mayco is the biggest provider of lead products (excluding batteries but including lead sheets) in the country. With a national reach and two large manufacturing sites, we have the capacity to create lead lining sheets for a wide range of applications and in large numbers. Because we are the nation’s biggest lead products provider, we are able to manufacture as many lead sheets as you need, in sizes to meet your exact requirements.


Sheet Lead can be used for soundproofing, waterproofing, and radiation shielding.  Most commonly seen in the roofing industry as 2.5 lb and 4 lb squares, we offer flat, rolled, and rolled and wrapped.  Stock square sizes are 30” x 30” and 36” x 36”.


Rolls are available from 6” to 96” widths and up to 25 ft lengths. Most other sizes are available upon request. Also available are Plate, Brick, Circles and Special Fabricated Products.


Lead Sheet Roofing Customized to Your Requirements


In addition to stocking a wide selection of lead sheet roofing that’s manufactured in a range of different sizes, we can also create roofing that’s been designed to be exactly right for your intended purpose. If you need lead sheet that’s specifically configured for your project, just tell us what you need and we can usually create exactly what you’re looking for, quickly and for a competitive price.


Weight of Lead Sheet


Our lead sheet products are used across the country, offering high-quality, reliable service for a range of different uses. Able to create the products you need in the quantities you need, even when you’re working to a tight deadline, we are able to provide the premium options you’re looking for.

Sheet Lead – Approximate Weights

2.5 lb (.042″) 4 lb (.067″)
30” X 30” 15.625 lb 25 lb
36” X 36” 22.5 lb 36 lb
12” X 20’ 50 lb 80 lb
12” X 21’ 52.5 lb 84 lb
18” X 20’ 75 lb 120 lb
18” X 21’ 79 lb 126 lb
48” X 20’ 200 lb 320 lb

Flat 30” x 30” and 36” x 36” squares available for same-day shipping.

Industry Leader for Your Lead Lining Sheets


If you’re looking for almost any type of lead product, including lead lining sheets, it’s time to take a closer look at our product range and competitive prices. Our superior size means we have enormous capacity to generate the items you need to meet your schedule, no matter how demanding it might be. To find out more, call us at (800) 749-6061.

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