Lead-Lined Gypsum Board Offers Versatile Radiation Shielding Protection

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Mayco Lead-Lined Gypsum Board, also known as leaded drywall, is constructed of a single roll of our own lead sheet meeting federal specification QQ-L-201 F or ASTM B 749-03 for lead that is laminated to fire code (Type X-Ray Shielded Gypsum) gypsum board meeting classification ASTM C 1396. Because our lead-lined gypsum board complies with all relevant guidance and regulations, it can be used in many different construction projects where shielding is required. Used in place of regular drywall, our lead-lined board provides excellent radiation shielding.


Gypsum Board Sizes: 4 ft X 8 ft, 4 ft X 9 ft, 4 ft x 10 ft, 4 ft x 12 ft

Standard Lead Sheet Thickness: 1/32 in, 3/64 in, 1/16 in, 5/64 in, 3/32 in, 1/8 in

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Installation Instructions

Custom thicknesses and heights are available upon request.

Lead thickness greater than 1/8” should be on lead-lined plywood.

Customize Your Lead-Lined Gypsum Board

Mayco supplies sheet lead for the lead-lined gypsum board in various thicknesses, depending on the levels of radiation shielding your construction calls for. Most of our lead-lined board is shipped as 5/8 inches thick, although 1/2-inch gypsum board is available. If you’re not sure what thickness or specification is going to be most appropriate for your project, or you require a niche product for a specialist application, we are almost always able to help. We can provide lead-lined gypsum board in large volumes almost immediately, supplying you with the materials you need for successful, on-schedule construction

Competitively Priced Lead-Lined Gypsum Board and Drywall

As the leading U.S. supplier of lead-based materials, we offer a wide selection of construction options at highly competitive prices. Our materials are suitable for use by any sector and our culture of continuous improvement and innovation ensures that our lead-lined gypsum board and other products offer exceptional performance and value. To find out more, call us at (800) 749-6061.

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