Lead Sheet & Plate

In 2009, “The World’s Largest Lead Rolling Mill” was custom built and installed in Mayco’s Birmingham location. Mayco invested in this piece of equipment to meet the growing demand from its own internal fabrication needs, and those of the Industrial customers needs as well. Our capacity for producing lead sheet is the nation’s largest.

Mayco’s lead sheet is ideal for building, industrial, waterproofing, and various shielding requirements including x-ray radiation & nuclear shielding. Our rolled sheet lead is incorporated into our lead lined Gypsum Board and drywall products as well as our roofing, ballast and specialty products.

Our in house refining ensures we can supply alloys to a wide range of specifications.

Mayco has the product knowledge and the manufacturing capability to match your needs with the right thickness and composition of lead sheet for your product or project.


  • Thickness: 0.015” to 5” thick
  • Width: Up to 110” wide
  • Length: Up to 25’ long
  • Mayco can fabricate a solid rolled plate up to 10,000 lbs.

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