To better serve the specialized needs of our plating customer base, Mayco Industries established the Advanced Anode division.

Our goal is to offer the plating industry high-quality fabrications of lead, tin, and other materials. Whether you need a simple stick or a custom-conforming basket, we are here to meet your needs, and we will stay with you through the entire process.

In addition to anodes, Advanced Anode can supply lead tank liners and heating/cooling coils, copper bus bars and conductors, and cast lead products. If you insist on building your own lead components, no problem. We can provide stock extrusions, sheet, plate, wire, castings, and even sub-assemblies to any alloy needed.

Advanced Anode can also provide recycling services with documentation for scrap lead, tin, and spent anodes. Whether it’s fabricated assembly, process validation documents, or even a single stick, Advanced Anode will rise to meet any challenge. Our expert staff will be happy to help you. Click on the Advanced Anode logo below for additional information.

Advanced Anode


Custom Stick Anodes

  • New hooks
  • Reconditioned hooks
  • Existing hooks and cores reused when possible.
  • Approval drawings will be submitted for all custom stick anodes ordered.


Custom Conforming Anodes

Common Extrusion Shapes

Common Extrusion Shapes

Many other shapes available upon request – also special custom fabrications to any specifications.

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