Why is Lead Used for Making Bullets and Lead Shot?

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Lead has some very advantageous properties when used in the manufacturing of projectiles. These advantages are briefly explained below.


Lead is Malleable


When manufacturing a jacket bullet, lead is pushed into a copper jacket using a hydraulic dye. The advantage to using lead is that when it is pushed into the jacket, it does not recover, or bounce back at all, and retains the shape it was molded into. When compared to other materials, lead offers a higher density and less rebound, making it ideal for shaping and manufacturing into high-quality ammunition.


Lead is Dense


The fact that lead is dense in nature means that it is heavy for its volume. Heavier bullets travel more accurately. The technical aspects of how this works involve a discussion of the ballistic coefficient, sectional density, and more.


Lead Can Be Melted and Cast at Low Temperatures


Lead only needs relatively low temperatures to melt and be poured into a bullet, making it easier to handle and work with. When a lead bullet is cast, it shrinks in a uniform manner as it cools, which making it easier to develop a mold into which a lead bullet is cast.


Lead Makes Bullets More Fatal


A bullet is most dangerous when it penetrates and disperses its energy inside the target. As a very soft metal compared to many others, lead expands when it makes contact and penetrates a target. Other harder metals disperse little energy when hitting a target, often going right through them without as much impact.


A soft metal is beneficial when it comes to delivering a more devastating impact due to the softer metals expansion, making wounds deeper and wider. Even if a lead bullet travels all the way through a target, the expanded bullet delivers a much larger sized exit hole, which is a more fatal threat to a target. These bullets are sometimes jacketed with copper to produce a more even surface, increasing their accuracy.


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