Why Choose Mayco for Custom Lead Casting?

Concrete Ballast Block


If you have a need for lead-based materials like bridge counterweights, nuclear transport containers, or other parts made from lead, Mayco Industries is here to help. We are the primary business to consult for your lead needs, especially for services like custom lead casting, because we are a fully integrated foundry and fabricator.


Full-Service Casting Department

When you’re building a transport cask for nuclear materials, you need to make sure it’s done right the first time. Our full-service casting department can pour custom casks from 1 lb to 100,000 lb in a single pour. Our heat-controlled pours use ceramic heating elements to precisely control temperature and lead solidification. Afterwards, we can provide third-party gamma scans to document a void-free pour.


Mayco for Your Lead Products

Mayco is the largest non-battery fabricator of lead in the United States. Our products cover a diverse range of industries, including ship ballast, bridge ballast, radiation shielding, ammunition, roofing, lead anodes, lead solder, and lead caves. We are lead specialists, and we have the expertise, experience, and equipment to give you the finest materials at the most affordable prices.


Turnaround Times

Many of our customers need their materials as quickly as possible. To ensure prompt delivery, we run plants in both Alabama and Illinois. Not only does this give you the fastest turnaround times, you also get the most cost-effective shipping expense.


Alloys and Specs

ASTM B29 QQ-L171 (Grades A and B), QQ-L201 (Grades A and B), ASTM B749.

Antimonial lead alloys create a harder lead material that is ideal for machining or reducing creep.


Cold Pours

Mayco uses a cold pour process with lead shot, instead of using molten lead. This provides a better material with fewer possibilities of flaws. And when you can’t transport to us, cold pours can be done in place.


Customer Service

Whether you need stock materials or custom lead casting services, you are the most important part of our business. You will always receive prompt and courteous service from our team, and we return all calls as quickly as possible. For more information about our company and lead-based materials, call us today at 800-749-6061.