Why Choose Lead Lined Gypsum Wallboard from Mayco?


If your project needs lead lined gypsum wallboard, you could go to one of several suppliers for your building materials. So why should you come to Mayco Industries? Here are some important reasons to choose lead specialists at Mayco.


High-Quality Materials

You can depend on Mayco to deliver some of the best lead-based materials in the industry. We manufacture our leaded drywall from one roll of lead sheet that meets these specs:

  • QQ-L-201 F
  • ASTM B 749-03
  • ASTM C 1396

You can order our lead lined gypsum wallboard in 5/8 or 1/2 inch thicknesses. Standard sizes are available, and we can custom cut board for you too.


Doing Business with the Manufacturer

When you buy materials from a distributor, you have to take whatever they have in stock, or place a special order which will take some time to fill. This will not happen when you choose Mayco because you deal directly with the manufacturer. This gives you several benefits.
Buying from a manufacturer will insure you affordable prices because your materials come straight from the source. There is no middleman company that adds to the costs. Also, when you need custom products, the manufacturer is the best source to turn to. We can custom manufacturer and cut your materials right at the factory.


Fast Turnaround Times

There may be times when you need lead lined gypsum wallboard as soon as possible. Mayco has two plants in the US, and six distribution centers spread strategically around the country. When you want lead products quickly, we can ship from our nearest warehouse to cut down your wait time.


Customer Service

We are a customer-oriented business, and it shows in the way we treat our clients. You will always receive courteous, helpful service. If you have a problem with a shipment, we will send replacements promptly. Call us toll-free today at 800-749-6061 for more info.