What to Consider When Ordering Lead Lined Glass

When protecting people and equipment from exposure to radiation, there is no need to give up on visibility, and an open, hospitable look. In the past, radiation rooms in medical facilities or in research centers tended to be interior rooms or, at the very least, rooms with no windows to allow for lead shielding or lead bricks.


Today, thanks to the top-quality, highly protective lead lined glass and window frames offered by Mayco Industries, this is no longer the case. Windows can be installed to allow staff to monitor patients visually from the equipment control center, and patients can also be more comfortable, and feel less confined.


For research facilities, and other areas where radiation shielding is required, lead lined glass provides easy visibility into testing rooms. It allows for quick visual checks of equipment gauges and controls, without the need to enter the room.


Options to Consider

All of the x-ray glass we sell is high in lead/barium content. This provides specific levels of protection based on the amount of radiation produced by the equipment in use. Our team can assist in matching the correct thickness of glass to ensure full shielding from radiation levels in the area based on the X-ray potential in kVs.


Our glass is very easy to maintain once installed. It can be easily cleaned with water and a soft cloth. It is also safe to use commercially available disinfectants on the glass, or use UV light as a disinfecting method.


Our Frames

In addition to providing lead lined glass, we also offer lead lined telescopic view frames. These are designed to ensure full radiation protection, and to allow for installation of single or double pain lead shielding glass.


The combination of the window frames and the radiation glass provides a very safe, yet aesthetically pleasing, look for any facility. Precision manufacturing gives our glass and frames an edge over the competition. To find out more, contact our specialists at 800-749-6061.