Turn To Mayco Industries for Machined Lead Needs


At Mayco Industries, we only work with lead. This allows us to have the specialized equipment, knowledge, and experience to create the custom sheets, bricks, angles, and other lead products needed for everything from ammunition to specialized types of radiation-shielding materials.


Many people make the mistake of assuming that machined lead is something that is easy to produce. The soft, malleable characteristics of lead are often deceiving, and using the correct techniques are essential to create the precise edges, and angles. Our experience in working lead allows us easy construct of lead ballast, caves, vaults, walls, roofing, and other products in quantities and time constrains that other companies might struggle with.




Lead is used in wide-range of applications from, shielding, building parts, ballast, ammunition, and more. It is useful in industries ranging from aerospace, to construction. Lead is also used in a wide variety of medical equipment, particularly equipment used for medical imaging, and in research and testing facilities.


In food production plants, using irradiation processes, as well as in nuclear reactors, machined lead parts are often required. The Mayco Industries team can work with your engineers and designers to create lead parts to the tolerances you require.


Options in Machining


Machining has come a long way in the last few decades. At Mayco Industries we use the latest in CNC machining equipment that can perform precision sawing, 3-axis machining, as well as highly-accurate routers and lathes.


When you work with our team for your machined lead, you will notice a superior product that can be produced as a single run for small-volume orders, large-volume, and repetitive orders.


To talk to our team about your CNC machining requirements for lead parts and components, call us today at 800-749-6061.