Traditional and Innovative Lead Products from Mayco Industries

At Mayco Industries, we are your premier leader in the manufacturing of a wide-range of lead products, including lead bricks, sheet lead, lead ballasts, lead for radiation shielding, lead shot, roofing lead, and specialty lead, among others. We serve a wide-ranging industrial customer base across the U.S., as one of the largest lead scrap purchasers in the nation that produces and sells an extensive array of lead products.


Lead Bar Stock and Rod


Whether your project calls for lead bars for sale, or other types of lead components, we have the lead wire spool, bar, and other products you need. You can count on our team at Mayco to supply the products and building materials you need in small or large volumes according to time schedule that meets your project requirements.


Radiation Shielding


The lead radiation protection products you need for either an existing facility refurbish project or the construction of a new medical building are available through our supply at Mayco Industries. Lead bricks for sale, lead lined plywood and drywall are the various options we offer for your radiation lead shielding needs.


Roofing and Plumbing


Due to its malleable nature, lead is a highly popular material for roofing and flashing applications. It can be molded into various shapes and retains considerable durability against tearing. We offer an extensive line of custom and stock lead roofing and plumbing product options.


Bulk Lead Shot for Sale


As your lead ammunition experts, we offer Lawrence Brand Shot and West Coast Magnum Shot in addition to custom and stock bullet alloys in addition to lead wire for ammunition production and lead billets for extrusion applications.


Ballast Weights


The ballast and weights we offer at Mayco Industries include large, custom-cast lead ballast, as well as standard lead ballast bricks that come in a variety of options for the shape and size you need for your application.


With a wide-ranging customer base, we operate as the top lead product manufacture in the nation producing lead products in various forms including lead bricks for sale, lead bars for sale, lead lined glass, lead shot for sale, lead anodes, and lead ingots for sale, to meet our customers’ needs


For additional information about the innovative and traditional lead products we offer, give us a call today at 800.749.6061 or use our contact form to send us a message.