The Ultimate Shielding Solution

At Mayco Industries, we provide various types of lead products to achieve high-quality radiation shielding solutions for multiple applications. We have over 30 years of experience providing these products for various radiation shielding requirements.


Lead as a Shield in Radiology Applications


Many of the machines used by radiology medical professionals produce radiation at harmful levels. Lead is a highly effective material at preventing the penetration of x-ray beams into individuals who are near radiology equipment, such as patients and medical staff. There are a variety of ways to protect the general public from dangerous exposure to radiation in radiology departments, including lead-lined walls, doors, and ceilings.


During a radiology procedure, clinicians oftentimes must remain in the exam room, making them vulnerable to secondary radiation exposure. It is important to have proper radiation exposure protection in various venues in which radiology procedures are performed, including cardiac labs, operating rooms, interventional radiology areas, and nuclear medicine labs.


Lead Radiation Shielding


Whether you are in the process of making improvements to an existing medical facility, or building a new addition, lead shielding construction is a necessary and effective method for preventing radiation exposure. At Mayco Industries, we offer the various types of lead radiation protection products necessary to provide the reliable protection needed. These products include sheet lead, lead lined drywall, lead bricks, and lead lined plywood.


From our selection of lead products, we offer multiple types of radiation shielding options, including overhead shields, table shields, mobile shields, and full body shields.


Lead Production Centers


At Mayco Industries, we operate six distribution facilities and two manufacturing plants throughout the US. Our multiple locations allow us to provide our customers with low shipping costs and exceptional delivery times. In addition, we have one of the largest lead alloy rolling mills in North America – located in Birmingham, AL – that is our production center for sheet lead. With an exceptionally talented workforce and strong safety track record, we have you covered for all of your lead shielding product fabrication requirements


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