The Rich History of Lead

As far back as five thousand years ago, humans were already using lead. The famous aqua ducts of the Roman Empire fed into plumbing systems with lead pipes. Over the centuries, many uses have been found for this highly versatile metal. In fact, bulk lead ingots from Mayco Industries carry with them, a rich history as the leader in lead fabrication in the United States.




Modern-day plumbers owe the name of their profession to lead: the Latin term for lead, plumbum, is the word from which “plumber” is derived. In the days of the Roman Empire, Lead pipes brought water to the Roman baths. In fact, lead was such a good solution for plumbing applications that it continued to be used extensively in plumbing through mid 20th century, until it was determined that using it in pipes could result in lead poisoning in humans. Due to this revelation, the modern plumbing industry no longer uses lead for plumbing.


Lead as Tokens


Many years ago, there were no methods or proper materials for printing out tickets or passes to events. Instead, some civilizations created metal tokens for theatre entrance or special tokens for highly prized items like grain and other foods. Also, bulk lead ingots were a good way to transport lead to for processing.


Some ancient coins were made from lead. Although gold or silver was preferred. When times were hard, lead was the most cost-effective material. It made excellent filler material for gold or silver plated coins, as well.


Lead in Medieval Times


During the middle ages, lead was a popular metal to work with. Because it is soft, it is easily pounded or formed into a wide-variety of shapes and sizes. Its low melting point makes it easy to cast. Back then, it was not uncommon to see coffins, roofing materials, statues, and many other everyday items made from lead.




In the 21st Century, lead is still going strong, and Mayco Industries is the leading provider of non-battery lead in the county. We can provide bulk lead ingots, and other custom lead materials and lead for radiation, ballast, ammunition, and other applications. Call us today at 800-749-6061 for more information.