The Leader in Lead Manufacturing

At Mayco Industries, we are the premier manufacturer of non-battery lead products in the U.S. From our two main plants, one in Birmingham, AL, and the other in Granite City, IL, we produce and distribute our sheet lead, and an extensive array of other lead products, including lead anodes and lead blocks for sale.


Roofing and Plumbing


We provide complete line of stock and custom lead plumbing and roofing products to our customers. As roofing and flashing material, lead has been used extensively for hundreds of years due to its malleability. It can be effectively formed and rolled into a large variety of shapes. At the same time it is durable and highly tear resistant. In fact, in many cases, lead can last for decades, or longer.


Radiation Protection


At Mayco Industries, whether you are refurbishing existing premises, or building a new medical facility that involves inclusion of lead shielding, we offer optimal lead radiation shielding options. These include bulk lead for sale in the form of lead lined drywall, lead bricks, and lead lined plywood. Construction firms and developers can take advantage of these options to incorporate the best protection and various types of structures.


Ballasts and Weights


We offer standard lead ballast bricks as well as large custom-cast lead ballast in a variety of options for the development of a many sizes and shapes to accommodate specific applications.




Our team offers a great amount of expertise in lead ammunition. In addition to our West Coast Magnum Shot and Lawrence Brand Shot, we also provide an extensive range of custom in stock bullet alloys, along with lead wire for bullet making and lead billets for extrusion.


We also offer a range of specialty products to meet you custom design requirements. This includes considerable flexibility regarding the design and sizes of these products.


Whether you need lead wire spool or lead bars for sale, we provide fast turnarounds and quick delivery, operating from warehouses in various locations throughout the U.S. As well, if any damage does occur during the shipping process we handle it quickly provide prompt ship replacements.


Lead Bars Suppliers and More


For additional information about the various lead products we offer, give us a call today at 800.749.6061.