The Leader in Lead Fabrication

At Mayco Industries, we are the premier U.S. manufacturer of a diversified range of lead products. We can help you meet your lead production needs through a range of processes we perform to achieve outstanding results, including custom lead casting, extruding, rolling, machining, and coating.


Lead Production Centers


Throughout the United States we maintain two manufacturing plants and six distribution facilities, enabling our customers to benefit from excellent delivery times and reduced freight costs. We are also able to recycle scrapped lead which reduces our costs, the benefit of which we pass on to our customers. Our Birmingham, AL facility hosts one of the largest sheet lead rolling mills in North America. Our workforce is highly competent, with a strong track record of safety to provide you with your lead fabrication needs at top efficiency.


Lead Roofing and Plumbing


At Mayco, we offer an extensive array of stock and custom lead plumbing and roofing products. Lead has been a prize material for roofing and flashing applications for decades due to its malleability, enabling it to be formed and rolled into a variety of shapes, yet retain its durability that resists tearing.


Lead Radiation Shielding


Regardless of whether you are constructing a new medical building, or if want to refurbish an existing building to add a certain level radiation shielding, we have the lead radiation protection products you need. These include lead lined plywood, lead lined drywall, sheet lead, and lead bricks for sale.


Lead Ballast Weights


Our team is prepared to meet any of your lead ballast needs. We can provide anything from standard lead ballast bricks to large custom-cast lead ballast weighing thousands of pounds. Our weights and ballast come in a variety of options to help you obtain the size or shape you need for your project.


Bullet Lead for Sale


We are also your premier provider of ammunition lead. In addition to our line of West Coast Magnum and Lawrence Brand Shot products, we also offer extensive array of stock and custom bullet alloys, lead wire for bullet making, and lead billets for extrusion.


For your custom design requirements, we also offer an extensive array of specialty products, but also give you flexibility in terms of product size and design.


You can also count on us for fast turnarounds, and speedy delivery. We are able to leverage various warehouse locations throughout the United States to meet your needs as quickly as possible. In addition, if any product damage occurs during shipping, we can replace it quickly with a new shipment.


For more information about our lead product fabrication capabilities, call us today at 800.749.6061 or complete our contact form.