The Benefits Of Buying Mayco’s Lead Plates for Sale


Lead plate can be used in a wide-range of applications, but it is most commonly used for lead shielding to contain radiation, and provide a safe environment in areas where radiation equipment is used, or where radioactive substances are stored.


Manufacturing and Custom Orders


Mayco Industries has been in the lead plate business for years, completing both small, and large-volume orders for customers of all sizes, in many different industries and located all over the country. We are the largest supplier of lead plates for sale, as well as other lead products, within the United States. This means we have the largest on-hand inventory, and can often ship with extremely short turnaround times, even for specialty orders.


At Mayco, we have custom-built lead rolling mills, located in Birmingham, Alabama. This equipment allows us to produce rolled plate that exactly meets your specifications. This includes thickness ranging from 0.015, up to 5 inches, lengths up to 25 feet, and widths of up to 110 inches. Our equipment is also capable of rolling plate up to 10,000 pounds, ensuring our lead plates for sale will exactly match what your project calls for.


Distribution and Shipping


We understand that working with lead is costly, particularly when it comes to shipping. To help to cut costs of freight, we have six distribution centers across the country, and several manufacturing plants: Birmingham, AL; Granite City, IL; and in Healdsburg, CA.


We will work with you to ensure our lead plates for sale meet the quality and alloy in that is needed for your job. When possible, we aim to ship from our closest facility, which will help to cut costs, as well as shorten turnaround time on orders. To find out more or to discuss your lead plate needs, call us at 800-749-6061.