Take Advantage Of Our Bullet Lead For Sale

At Mayco Industries, we work with a wide-range of different industries, businesses, and individuals. If you are looking for high-quality bullet lead for sale, our sales team can work with you to ensure we have the raw material you need to fulfill your ammunition production needs.


Our Bullet Alloys


One of the reasons that so many clients looking for bullet lead for sale turn to us, is our top selection of alloys. In some situations, our customers may rely on our sales staff to assist in choosing the ideal alloy for the specific ammunition manufacturing needs.


We offer the standard alloys of 2/6, 2/7, which indicates the alloy is made up of 2% tin and 6or 7% antimony respectively. The rest of the percentage is lead. Additionally, we also offer the 20-1 alloy, which is 95% lead and 5% tin and the 30-1 alloy that contains 3% tin and 97% lead.




We do have significant on-hand availability of bullet lead for sale, so we are able to quickly fill orders of any size. Our bullet alloys can be shipped in different forms to suit your process and the size of your equipment. For smaller production runs, our tri-bar is a popular choice. This is a bar of approximately 7 pounds, so it is easy to handle and quick to process. The next option is a rolled rough sawn plate. Uniformly dense, and free from air pockets, each piece is approximately 0.75x4x10”.


Brick is a more substantial version of the rough sawn plate. These bricks are two and a half by two by eight inches and are ideal for larger kettles and processing requirements.


To find out more about our bullet lead products, including bullet wire, give us a call today at 800-749 -6061.