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Although lead is an extremely versatile metal, its potential toxicity if it comes into contact with drinking water, skin, or foodstuffs means that there is a need to ensure it is adequately shielded to prevent unwanted contact. In addition, sandwiching lead between steel sheets adds strength to the structure, enabling it to be used in load-bearing applications or similar situations where additional durability is required. In these circumstances, steel laminated plate can provide the perfect solution. We offer a complete selection of laminated steel sheet, providing our customers with the materials they need for a number of projects.


Structural Laminated Steel Plate can be used where thicker lead is required for shielding, and steel is required for integrity, durability, mounting solutions or encapsulation.

Steel/Lead/Steel Laminated Parts

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When it comes to lead-based products, we are the top manufacturer in the U.S. We have an exceptional selection of machinery at our disposal, enabling us to create steel laminated panels and related products in all sorts of configurations. Our team is world class, giving our customers the benefit of decades of experience in lead fabrication and lead-based product production. If you have a challenging project to work on, our technical personnel offer valuable advice when it comes to finding the right steel laminated options for success.


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We are proud of our continued success in this arena, and are always trying to improve and innovate in order to stay ahead when it comes to creating fresh, relevant lead-based products that are suitable for contemporary projects as well as more traditional purposes. To find out more about our laminated steel plate, or for anything else, call us at (800) 749-6061.

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