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Superior Radiation Protection with Our Lead Vault Range

Radiation poses a huge risk in a number of industries. Medical, aviation, military and industrial facilities require superior radiation shielding in order to keep their staff and personnel safe. Mayco Industries offers a practical and convenient solution to mobile radiation protection with our lead vault products. These cost-effective and highly versatile vaults offer superior protection for safe and efficient use.

Convenience in Transporting Radioactive Items

The lead vaults offered by Mayco Industries are a convenient solution to moving your radioactive products. Constructed according to our in-house specifications, meeting all federal regulations, our leak proof rolling booths are constructed from high quality and purity lead. With convenient casters that allow for both indoor and outdoor use, enjoy superior convenience and safety when transporting your items.

Custom Created to Fit Your Specifications

Our lead vaults can be custom manufactured to meet your specific requirements. We offer you the option of having doors and radiation shielding windows added to your lead vault, and you can choose the size, color and access points to suit your application perfectly. Our professional, high-quality engineering, combined with our industry-leading experience results in a long-lasting solution that you can rely on for the highest level of protection.

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