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Mayco manufactures Lead Gaskets any size and thickness up to 60” OD and up to 1” thick.


Lead Gaskets


Lead Gaskets at Competitive Prices


When you turn to us for lead gaskets, you can expect to pay a competitive price per unit. One of the advantages of ordering your lead gaskets, and similar lead-based products, from Mayco is that we are the U.S.’s largest supplier of lead-based items. As such, we have access to cutting-edge machinery, a highly skilled team, and decades of experience in designing and manufacturing lead options for both standard projects and those which require a customized approach. No matter what you need to achieve, when it comes to lead, we can help you to get there. Mayco manufactures lead gaskets any size and thickness up to 60” OD and up to 1” thick.


Gasket Sheets Manufacture for the U.S. Market


Our products are designed for the U.S. market, so they comply with all relevant health & safety legislation, as well as being fit for purpose when used on U.S. buildings, vehicle, industrial installations or consumer products. All of our lead gaskets are made to a high standard. Quality is checked throughout the design and manufacturing process, ensuring that what you receive is consistently well-made, and built to last.


Lead Gaskets for Sale, Ready for Fast Dispatch


We keep stock levels high, enabling us to fill orders of any size rapidly. If you have a tight schedule or consistently need large numbers of lead gaskets in order to keep your own operation running productively, we are able to match demanding supply schedules with ease. To find out more about what we can provide, place an order or discuss a customized solution, call us at (800) 749-6061.

Mayco operates three manufacturing plants and
five distributions centers in all regions of the United States.

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