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Lead Foil Sheet from a U.S. Leading Lead Supplier


Among the many lead products we provide is high-grade lead-foil sheeting. This is a particularly popular option with many of our customers because of its exceptional versatility. Easy to use, and suitable for many different environments, lead foil is an extremely malleable form of sheet lead used that is often used for radiation shielding. It is sold in 50-75 lb. rolls, available both with and without an adhesive backing. We are able to supply lead foil in any volume, and can usually process even large orders extremely quickly.

Lead Foil

The Benefits of Lead Foil Sheet


Lead foil sheet has a number of advantages which helps to explain why it’s always in such demand:


  • Foil can be easily cut with scissors or utility knife.
  • The material is flexible enough to shape and bend around sharp corners, tubes and canisters. It is a great option for many different construction situations.
  • When an adhesive backing is used, it holds the foil in place for easier application, and requires no penetration of the lead for fastening. This is of particular benefit when conditions are not appropriate for lead cutting.


Lead Foil Sheets for Sale


If you are looking for premium lead foil sheets that have quality built into every part of the production process, we can help. We have a wide-range of lead foil sheets for sale, all of which are made to the same high standard. If you are searching where to buy lead foil, and if you want to work with a company that has an excellent track record in providing fast, easy access to good quality products in almost any volume, we are here for you. As the largest manufacturer of lead-based goods in the country, we provide an impressive inventory of foil sheets, as well as offering customized sheets to clients with specialist requirements.


Availability of Lead Foil Sheet


  • We currently supply our lead foil sheet in multiple widths up to 12”.
  • Five different thicknesses available.
  • Available with an adhesive back in 20 yard rolls (10 roll minimum).


Mayco Industries has the capability to produce many products to customer specifications. We offer exceptional quality and are always competitively priced. If there is a size you need that we are not currently offering please let us know, and we will be happy to create a product that meets your needs.

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