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Quality Lead Coatings & Finishings

In today’s work environment, where employee safety is valued above all else, many of our customers prefer to have their lead parts encapsulated in some type of coating. Having this coating prevents workers, contractors, and customers from having direct contact with raw lead. Along with providing a barrier to the harmful effects of lead exposure, our coatings can help add value and durability to your products with a unique finish. Mayco Industries is the leader in the industry when it comes to creating coatings and applying unique finishing solutions.


Mayco offers two main solutions: We can apply an epoxy-based paint system, or we can encapsulate your items with a powder coating. If you are not sure which types of lead coating services are right for your application, read about the benefits of each type below.

Lead Finishings Services Using Epoxy Coatings

Epoxy paint coatings offer superior strength and protection for any product or material. Not only does it prevent lead from leeching into the surrounding materials, the coating also sets in a hard, durable manner to enhance the strength and performance of your equipment. The finished product results in a tough, corrosion-resistant coating that will stand the test of time.

Coatings & Finishing

Powder Coating

Powder coating is similar to epoxy coating in that it offers a corrosion resistance for your equipment, but with the added benefit of UV resistance. This is most applicable to outdoor equipment, helping extend the equipment’s working life. This process is particularly popular with lead bullet coatings, as it reduces lead deposits being left in the barrel and adds proper lubrication.

Find the Right Lead Coating and Finishings for Your Project

Mayco Industries is the leading provider of quality lead coating and finishings for any project, large or small. In addition to epoxy and powder coating, we have other unique coating options are available as needed. Call us at 800-749-6061 for details.


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