Lead Strips for Roofing

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Lead Strips for Roofing

Lead is one of the most durable materials for roofing, with some sources suggesting it lasts up to three times longer than some other options. As a nationally recognized provider of high-quality lead strips, we are able to offer the products you need in almost any number. With two major plants in the country, we have the capacity to fulfil almost any order rapidly.

Custom Lead Strips for Roofing

If you have an unusual roof, or a series of roofs which require a specialist strip solution, why not let us help? We can tailor your order to suit your individual requirements, offering a custom solution that can be designed to meet numerous different specifications. Just tell us what you need and our experienced production team can get on the case.

Strip lead is manufactured by casting instead of being rolled like traditional lead sheets. It is ideal for waterproofing and flashing.


Mayco offers stock strip lead in easy-to-manage 50 lb rolls (2.5 lb per square foot and .042” thick), in various widths.

Standard roll sizes are:


  • 6” x 32’
  • 8” X 30’
  • 10” X 24’
  • 12” X 20’
  • 14” x 17’
  • 16” X 15’
  • 18” X 13.33’


We can make other sizes as you need them. Our strip caster is capable of thicknesses from .032” to .065”.


Also available in large coils.

Lead Strips for Roofing That Offer Great Value

Lead strips are great roofing components because they offer unparalleled durability over alternatives. They can stand up to an array of climate and weather challenges, so they will provide superior value over the life of the roof when compared to other materials.


Because we are a large manufacturer, we are able to utilize economies of scale in order to ensure our customer never pay more than they need to for their lead items. To place an order or to find out more about what we can offer, call us at (800) 749-6061.

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