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Strip Lead

Strip lead is manufactured by casting instead of being rolled like traditional lead sheets. It is ideal for waterproofing and flashing.


Mayco offers stock strip lead in easy-to-manage 50 lb rolls (2.5 lb per square foot and .042” thick), in various widths.

Standard roll sizes are:


  • 6” x 32’
  • 8” X 30’
  • 10” X 24’
  • 12” X 20’
  • 14” x 17’
  • 16” X 15’
  • 18” X 13.33’


We can make other sizes as you need them. Our strip caster is capable of thicknesses from .032” to .065”.


Also available in large coils.

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five distributions centers in all regions of the United States.

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