MayCoat™ Polymer-Coated Lead Flashings

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Squirrels hate it, but the environment loves it!

We’re not sure why squirrels think lead is so delicious, but you won’t have that problem here. One taste of MayCoat™ and they’ll scurry away, disgusted. And your roof will look better than ever.
MayCoat™ Polymer-Coated Lead Flashings provide unmatched durability for your weatherproofing needs. Unlike other brands, MayCoat™ uses state-of-the-art thermoplastic coating technologies. The result: a product that you can bend without cracking, and unlimited protection against the elements.
We should know. We field-test it in the scorching Florida sunshine.

MayCoat™ Polymer-Coated Lead Flashings
MayCoat™ Polymer-Coated Lead Flashings

And don’t worry about the environment. A coating on your flashing means no direct contact between lead and the outdoors. Also, our product contains no volatile organic compounds, and no phthalates, halogens, or isocyanates.


Still with us? Good. Because MayCoat™ uses no chlorine components, and thus does not emit hydrogen chloride gas. Repeat: Our product does NOT excrete poisonous gas. So you’ll be free to enjoy your weekends, knowing your roof is no longer a rodent chew toy and you’re making the world a cleaner place.

Currently available only in Black & Gray.

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