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Reliable Lead Bends from an Industry Expert

Lead bends form a critical part of many different systems. Frequently found in drainage pipes, and other liquid carrying systems, lead bends are vital if a pipe is going to effectively navigate complex topography successfully. We are the United States’ largest manufacturer of lead-based products, providing our customers with an exceptional selection of lead stub products which can be tailored to meet specific requirements and dimensions. Because we lead the way when it comes to lead manufacturing, we can offer every customer a customized option for their lead bends, as well as a large selection of off-the-shelf choices.


Mayco produces Lead Bends on a press that bends the pipe while extruding the lead. Lead Stub is another name for short pieces of lead pipe. Bends and stubs come in 3? and 4? pipe diameters.


Mayco is also a leading manufacturer of Lead Bend Repair Collars.

Large-Scale Producer of Lead Toilet Waste Pipe Products

Lead benefits from excellent durability and is also resistant to corrosion from moisture and most chemicals. This makes it a good choice for waste pipes, sewage pipes and similar. Because we are a leader in the lead-based product arena, we have the high-grade, extensive equipment and a talented team needed to create lead items that perform well and are built to last. We have a meticulous quality control system in place, which ensures that every lead toilet drain pipe and related product you receive is well-made.


Solder wiping is the process of fusing brass to lead. In the picture to the left, taken at Mayco’s Birmingham, Alabama facility, you can see the molten lead solder being poured directly onto the bend, which binds the lead pipe to the brass stub.

Lead Bends And Lead Stubs

We Can Fill Large Volume Orders for Lead Pipe Toilet Flange Necessities

Because we have a significant amount of advanced machinery, we are able to manufacture significant quantities of goods in a very short space of time. This is particularly handy if you require a large volume of lead stub items quickly – we are used to accommodating tight deadlines and normally have the people and plant to get the job done on time. To tell us more about your lead bend requirements, or to find out more about us and what we can offer, call at (800) 749-6061.

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