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Bulk Lead Ingots at Competitive Prices


Lead has several attractive attributes that make it a popular choice for many different industries. It is waterproof, highly malleable, it offers exceptional radiation shielding, and is also excellent for soundproofing, so it’s little wonder that lead ingot is one of our most popular products. We have lead ingots for sale that are suitable for a wide range of industries, from plumbers’ lead ingots to ingots for use in construction, marine engineering, manufacturing, and more. No matter what your application might be, our lead ingots are an outstanding choice.


High-Grade Casting Lead Ingots


Mayco’s lead ingots are manufactured in 25 lb strings consisting of 5 lb sections. They are clean and easy to use.


Our standard ingots are 99.7 percent pure lead, with 99.9 percent also available. This exceptional level of purity ensures that whatever you make from our lead ingots will benefit from excellent performance. As North America’s largest non-battery lead fabricator, which includes casting lead ingots, we are able to provide you with the volumes you need, quickly and efficiently. We understand that a dependable, consistent service is essential to our customers, which is why we make every effort to get your order delivered exactly when you need it.


Buy Lead Ingots at a Competitive Price


We keep our prices as low as we can, without ever compromising on quality. With an extensive plant full of advanced machinery and an experienced, skilled workforce, we can provide the lead products you need for success.


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