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Leaded X-Ray Glass for Shielding


High lead/barium content glass for x-ray protection providing a high quality, transparent, protective shield against x-ray radiation in medical, technical and research applications. Its high content of lead and barium gives optimum shielding against radiation energies generated by equipment operating in the range 100-300 KV. Standard lead equivalency is 2.0 mm (1/16”) with a thickness of 8.0 mm (5/16”) Higher equivalencies are available.


High Lead Barium Glass Details

Lead Lined Telescopic View Frames


MAYCO telescoping window frames are supplied fully lead lined with an integral all-purpose telescoping section to accommodate all types of wall construction. Lead Lined Frames are designed to fit walls ranging from 4 inches to 6 1/4 inches thick. The standard 2-inch face x 1/2-inch deep face return is aesthetically pleasing and is compatible in appearance with most standard hollow metal hardware and fixtures. Constructed of 16-gauge steel, corners are fully welded and ground smooth. Frames are precision factory punched for reversible stops, which are predrilled and countersunk, which allows for adequate glazing with either one or two panes of 5/16” lead shielding glass (x-ray glass) or one pane of 9/16” lead shielding glass (x-ray glass).

Telescopic Frame Details

Lead Lined Two-Piece Slip Frames


2-Piece slip lead lined frames install in a similar way to telescopic view frames but differ in that they are manufactured for a specific throat dimension. Often these are used in when larger throat dimensions are required or mullions are necessary. Constructed of 16 or 14 GA-Cold Rolled Steel or A60 Galvannealed. Profiles are power brake formed. Jambs, head and sills to be assembled with tongue and slot connection. Miters accurately fitted, continuously welded, and ground smooth. Frames shall be thoroughly cleaned after assembly, and given a prime coat of rust-inhibiting primer paint. The primer shall be air dried.

Slip Frame Details  / Mayco Specs CSI Section 13 4900

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