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Interlocking Lead Bricks for a Wide Range of Applications


Interlocking lead bricks are commonly used for radiation shielding, often in healthcare facilities where X-rays are in operation, and in areas where radioactive materials are stored. They can be used to construct walls or to build lead caves, which are perfect for the containment of radiation.


Interlocking Cast Lead Brick Drawing

Humpback Interlocking Brick Drawing

Interlocking Lead Bricks & Caves
Interlocking Lead Bricks & Caves

The Ultimate Shielding Solution


The tongues and grooves of Mayco’s interlocking lead bricks conjoin to form a tight seal, exponentially decreasing the chance of radiation leakage. Our interlocking bricks also feature a shoulder edge for stability, and they connect in every direction, including each brick’s sides, rows, corners, and the top and bottom if necessary. The result: a flawless, impenetrable structure constructed from the finest materials – the ultimate shielding solution.

Lead Bricks for Sale That Can Be Customized to Your Requirements


We offer an assortment of lead brick designs that can be tailored to suit your individual project. In addition to stocking and customizing lead bricks for sale, we offer durable coating on all of our lead brick products. A coating can make handling safer and helps minimize lead dust when the brick is subject to wear and tear. Our customers’ projects entail varying degrees of lead exposure, so we offer various coating options, including epoxy and powder coats, to provide the right protection for every job.

Standard Stock Sizes:  ¾” x 4” x 12”
Approximate Weight:  15 lb


Standard Stock Sizes:  1” x 4” x 12”
Approximate Weight:  20 lb


Standard Stock Sizes:  1-1/2” x 4” x 12”
Approximate Weight:  30 lb

Standard Stock Sizes:  2” x 4” x 8”
Approximate Weight:  27 lb


Standard Stock Sizes:  2” x 4” x 12”
Approximate Weight:  40 lb


Standard Stock Sizes:  2-1/2” x 4” x 12”
Approximate Weight:  50 lb

Interlocking Lead Bricks & Caves