Freeflow & Other Machined Lead Parts

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Benefit from the Versatility Which the Density of Lead Shot Offers

Protecting people and places from radiation is an important part of many industrial operations. Whether you need to safeguard your workforce from radiation or create products which generate radiation and require a method of ensuring it is safely contained, “freeflow” lead shot can be the answer. Our lead shot is made to the highest standard, using cutting-edge machinery and advanced manufacturing techniques. As one of the leading providers of radiation shielding in the country, as well as being the largest provider of lead-based products in the U.S., we can offer you an exceptional range of options for your project.


Mayco can supply “Free-Flow” Lead Shot for radiation shielding when needed. Free-flow Lead Shot is commonly used in radiation shielding to fill voids in equipment or walls and other barriers. Lead Shot is equivalent to 70% of the density of solid lead.

Freeflow Machined Lead Parts

In addition to our selection of shot, we also create lead parts which are suitable for almost any radioactive containment project, as well as other applications. We can create custom machined lead parts that can be manufactured in the dimensions, shape and quantity that you need. Our team is skilled at moving production forward from initial design and prototyping through to making the finished item in a very short space of time: an ideal solution if you have tight deadlines to meet.

Free Flow Lead Shot
Custom Machined Lead Parts

Custom Machined Lead Parts are widely used in the radiation shielding industry. We are capable of short and long run machined lead parts to meet your specifications. With the use of state-of-the-art equipment, expert talent, and a staff dedicated to producing the finest quality, Mayco can custom fabricate lead for any of your project needs.

Market Leader in “Freeflow” Lead Shot

Because we are the biggest provider of lead-based products in the U.S., we have an enormous amount of creative capability. Our expert team can complete large-scale orders quickly and efficiently. No matter how ambitious your project may be, or how challenging, we are ready to get the job done. Call us at (800) 749-6061 to find out more.

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