Radiation Shielding

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Radiation Shielding

Mayco Industries offers all types of lead for radiation shielding.
We have supplied the shielding industry with innovative
products for over 30 years.


First, we stock sheet lead in bulk. Then, we laminate it to gypsum board. Voila your shining armor. Mayco customizes a wide variety of products like lead-lined gypsum board and plywood. You can use our lead bricks to construct a medical facility, or to customize a lead cave. And of course, Mayco pours heat-controlled casks.

Radiation Shielding

Lead Radiation Shielding Offers Lasting Protection

Whether you’re building a new medical facility or simply need to refurbish existing premises to incorporate an appropriate degree of shielding, we can provide the right type of lead radiation shielding. Our options include lead bricks for sale as well as lead-lined drywall and lead-lined plywood. This variety enables developers and construction firms to sculpt the right protection for almost any structure.

Lead Brick Weights

From lead-lined gypsum board to interlocking lead bricks, we provide the materials you need for any size of radiation shielding project. As the leading supplier of lead products in the U.S., we can obtain high volumes of lead building materials, often within an extremely tight timeframe. Advanced machinery and an expert workforce enable us to customize your lead radiation shield to your specific requirements.

Mayco operates three manufacturing plants and
five distributions centers in all regions of the United States.

We have an experienced workforce with a strong safety record
ready to help you.

Competitively Priced X-Ray Lead Shielding

We are committed to offering our customers top-quality radiation shielding options that provide safe, reliable protection and comply with all relevant regulations and guidance. To find out more about our products or to just tell us what you need, call us at (800) 749-6061.

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