Radiation Shielding Options


One of the advantages of specializing in lead products for over 30 years is the ability to work closely with various industries. At Mayco Industries, we continue to interact with a wide variety of clients, which allows us to respond to demand with specific materials, construction components, and radiation shielding products for use in everything from nuclear facilities to medical and dental X-ray labs and rooms.

To provide an overview of our radiation shielding materials, here are some of our most popular products. The specific choice of product, alloy, and thickness can always be customized to your needs. Our team is able to work with you to create the custom materials required for any specific construction or shielding project.


Drywall and Plywood with Lead

At Mayco Industries, we provide a range of different options in lead-lined gypsum board and lead-lined plywood. All of our products are made on-site, which means we can control the alloy, as well as the lead thickness.

Our plywood and drywall are available in standard sizes, but we can also work with you on custom sizes. We give customers the option to choose the materials with or without the batten strip, and we provide the lead angles for easy installation.

We also make flat bricks and interlocking bricks for solid, durable construction for projects requiring greater radiation protection.



Welcome to the world of MayShielding our new line of highly customized radiation shielding products. This includes plates between 0.015 inches to up to five inches in thickness and with widths of 110 inches and lengths to 25 feet. We will work to your alloy specifications, which provides you with the protection and shielding required to meet all regulations and standards.

Just let us know what you need, and we’ll take care of you. To discuss your requirements, talk to us today at 800-749-6061.