Radiation Shielding Material Options

Machined Parts


Planning the correct types and levels of protection in medical, dental or research and testing facilities to protect against radiation contamination is an essential part of any project. At Mayco Industries, our team of engineers and design consultants is here to assist your team in any type of project that requires radiation shielding.


It is essential in many applications to rely on more than one type of radiation shielding. Some shielding is used to protect individuals, both patients, and technicians, while other materials are required to prevent radiation from leaving a specific area and contaminating surrounding areas.



Lead bricks are often used in construction or testing applications. They can be designed to the given thickness required to provide the level of protection needed given the radiation source and strength.

Typically, these bricks are used in walls or around barriers in a room or testing area. The bricks can be designed to lock, which allows for easy construction and configuration that can be changed as needed.

Sheet Lead

Different thicknesses and alloys in sheet lead is a highly effective form of personal radiation shielding. Lighter in weight than other types of shielding, it is not pure lead but combines a variety of materials to make it flexible and practical certain applications. Multiple thin layers are used to create the sheets, and protect against both gamma and x-ray radiation.

Lead Glass

Lead lined or x-ray glass is used to provide a transparent and highly protective barrier in any application. This glass is available from Mayco Industries in a variety of thicknesses to meet your protection needs. We also sell lead lined telescopic frames, ensuring full protection around the lead-lined glass in any facility.