Mayco Industries Radiation Shielding Options

As the leader in the lead fabrication industry, Mayco Industries offers our expertise and experience in the lead design and construction fields to all of our customers. Our team can help your company in choosing the ideal radiation shielding materials for any type of project.
We have extensive experience in working with engineers, architects, and contractors working on projects from nuclear facilities to dental and doctor office x-ray and imaging rooms. Over time, we have developed a full line of products and options to address the requirements of building codes in all of these different industries.
To help understand why Mayco Industries is the industry leader in radiation shielding, consider the following products we can provide in standard or custom sizes, alloys and orders.
Building Materials
For over thirty years, Mayco Industries has provided building materials that offer radiation containment and protection. We manufacturer our lead-lined gypsum and plywood to meet the requirements of any job.
Our lead sheet is laminated to the building material at our facility. This means we have full control over the process, ensuring a quality end product that is the best in the industry.
Additionally, we offer free flow lead shot. This is an ideal option to fill in voids in walls or equipment where other lead products are impractical to use. The lead shot offers an equivalent shielding capacity of solid lead.
Flat and Interlocking Bricks

For additional protection, our lead bricks, which are either flat or interlocking, are easy to use as a highly practical option for radiation shielding. They can also be used for lead vaults and caves of any size, shape, and dimension. We also provide custom machined lead parts which are in use all across the industry. Our custom process allows us to custom fabricate any components you need. To find out more, give us a call today at 800-749-6061, we would be happy to provide the information you need.