Let Us Assist You In Getting The Right Lead Bricks For Sale

When you need to build a lead vault or cave, or if you simply need a substantial barrier to prevent radiation exposure or to provide radiation containment, lead bricks are the ideal solution.
Over decaded as a leading lead supplier, the engineers at Mayco Industries have designed several different options of lead bricks for sale that we now offer as out standard options. Of course, our team is always able to work with our customers for customized or unique shapes and options in lead bricks to provide the exact outcome needed for any job.


When considering the ideal selection of our lead bricks for sale, we recommend you take some time and browse our extensive selection, and talk to our team. We can assist you in designing the ideal vault or cave based on the information you provide. If you have your own design, we can review it and make recommendations that will add to the stability and ease of construction.


In considering your options of lead bricks for sale, take a close look at the following features of our product line.


Shapes and Options


We offer standard sizes of flat bricks, which are an ideal option for temporary structures or protection or when they will be permanently placed. In addition to the flat bricks, we also offer a range of options in our V-shaped tongue and groove interlocking lead bricks, as well as our humpback interlocking brick options. These bricks offer increased stability for vaults and caves and provide virtually unlimited configuration possibilities. As with all our products they come in a range of stock sizes with a top inventory for short order turnaround times.


Coating for Protection


In addition to offering the unfinished lead bricks, we can also provide different coating options for increased handling safety, durability, and protection. These include both epoxy paints and powder coats.


For assistance in choosing the right lead bricks for any project, contact our experts at 800-749-6061 or submit your drawings through our website.