Leaded X-Ray Glass and Frames for Shielding

Whether you are building a new medical center, or renovating an existing one, radiation shielding is a requirement for any facility that performs radiology services. At Mayco Industries, we offer an array of options for radiation shielding, including glass x-ray lead shields.

Shielding Glass with High Lead/Barium Content

The glass for x-ray protection we offer consists of high lead/barium content, which delivers a protective shield against x-ray radiation for medical, research, and technical applications. This glass protects against radiation equipment that produces radiation in the range of 100 to 300 KV. Although we offer higher equivalencies, the standard lead equivalency of our lead/barium content glass is 2.0 mm (1/16 in.), with an 8.0 mm (5/16 in.) thickness. These glass x-ray lead shields are highly effective at providing the required radiation protection needed in various environments.

Lead Lined Telescopic View Frames

The telescoping window frames we offer at Mayco Industries are fully lead-lined, with a telescoping component that complements multiple types of wall construction. These frames are made from 16-gauge steel, and are designed to work in walls that are anywhere from 4 to 6.25 inches thick. They include a visually pleasing 2 in. x 1/2 in. face that complements most standard metal fixtures and hardware. The corners of these frames are welded and ground smooth.

Our frames are precision factory punched for reversible stops, which are also predrilled and countersunk. This enables proper glazing with one or both panes of the x-ray glass (lead shielding glass), or a single pane of 9/16 in. x-ray glass.

Lead Lined Two-Piece Slip Frames

These two-piece lead-lined slip frames have a similar installation as telescopic view frames, but made for a specific throat dimension. They are often utilized when mullions are required, or bigger throat dimensions are needed. The profiles of these slip frames are power brake formed, and made from a 60 Galvannealed or 14 and 16 gauge cold rolled steel.

The head, jams, and sills are assembled with tongue and slot connection. They have accurately fitted miters that are welded continuously and ground smooth. Once assembled, the frames are cleaned thoroughly and provided with a prime coat of rust inhibiting primer paint, with the primer to be air dried.
For more information about the x-ray lead shields and other radiation shielding products we offer at Mayco Industries, give us a call today at 800.749.6061 or email sales@maycoindustries.com.