Lead Sheet & Lead Plate Suitable to Machine Your Custom Parts

At Mayco Industries, we are the largest distributor of lead-based goods in the United States. Our team invests extensively in machinery and equipment to ensure we can offer you the most diverse and top-of-the-line lead product solutions you can find. The largest alloy rolling mill in North America was established in 2009 at our Birmingham, AL plant. Within this facility, we meet our own internal fabrication requirements and the needs of the growing industrial market for products that include sheet lead, lead plates for sale, as well as many others.


Exceptional Lead Sheet Production Capacity


We house the largest capacity for producing sheet lead in the U.S. our high-technology and cutting edge machinery enables us to produce lead plates in the volume you require and according to your specifications. Through our equipment, resources, and professional team we ensure you receive the sheet lead in plate you need for your project requirements.


Serving Various Industry Applications


The lead sheet we offer at Mayco is perfect for industrial, building, waterproofing, and other types of shielding applications, such as nuclear radiation and x-ray shielding. Our lead lined plywood and lead lined gypsum board products, including our ballast, roofing, and specialty products are developed using our rolled sheet lead. As a versatile building material, lead plates for sale are applicable in various industry sectors for highly effective shielding.


Sheet Lead Squares & Rolls


Sheet lead is useful for radiation shielding, waterproofing, and soundproofing. It is often used in the roofing industry in 2.5 pound or 4 pounds squares. We offer this form of sheet lead in rolled, flat, and rolled and wrapped form. The standard Stock square sizes we offer our 30” x 30” and 36” x 36”.


We offer rolls in 6” to 96” widths and lengths up to 25 feet. Other sizes may be obtained upon request. In addition, we also offer circles, brick, plate, and special fabricated products.


Lead Sheet & Plate


We can produce sheet and lead plates for sale according to your specific alloy in size specifications. We offer a number of different shielding sizes and keep them Stockton or distribution centers, enabling us to save you money and time in the long run.


The dimensions of the plate and sheet lead we offer are as follows:


  • Length up to 25 ft.
  • Width up to 100”
  • Thickness ranging from 0.015” to 5”


In addition, we are able to produce solid rolled plate as heavy as 10,000 lb.


The lead shielding stock sizes we provided include everything from (1/32 thickness, size 48”x84”, 52.00 lb.) to (1/8 thickness, size 49”x96”, 245 lb.)


For more information about how we can serve your lead sheet and lead plate requirements, call us today at 800.749.6061 or drop us a message through our contact form.