Lead Brick Manufacturers for Radiation Shielding

At Mayco Industries, we offer a variety of products that use lead for radiation shielding purposes. For more than 30 years, we have delivered high-quality products for the radiation shielding industry. Regardless of whether you need flat lead bricks, interlocking lead bricks, or a customized lead cave, we have your radiation protection requirements covered.


Flat Lead Bricks


If you have a shielding project that requires protection against nuclear or x-ray radiation, flat lead bricks are the ideal choice. Whether you are refurbishing an existing building or constructing a new structure where radiation shielding is required, our Mayco flat bricks can match or surpass the federal specifications for radiation shielding. Our lead bricks also help with the modification, relocation, and erection of protective caves and walls for containing radioactive materials.


We utilize the best raw materials to produce our lead bricks, making them ideal for the most demanding scenarios. Lead is a very dense material, making it ideal for providing as much radiation protection as possible, without taking up a lot of space.


Interlocking Lead Bricks


Interlocking lead bricks are used commonly for radiation protection for facilities that store radioactive materials, and in healthcare facilities in which x-rays are used. These bricks may be used to build lead caves or walls designed to contain radiation.


The Ideal Shielding Solution


The grooves and tongues of our interlocking lead bricks combine to produce a tight seal, which significantly decreases the chance of radiation leakage. These interlocking bricks also consist of a shoulder edge and provide unmatched stability – they connect on the sides, corners, rows, top and bottom as necessary. Combining the stability with the tight seal results in our interlocking lead bricks being the ultimate shielding solution.


Customized Lead Bricks


We offer various lead brick designs that can be customized to match your individual project requirements. In addition to customizing lead bricks, we also offer durable coatings for lead brick products, using powder and epoxy coats. Coatings can reduce lead dust when the brick is exposed to wear and tear, and also makes handling the bricks safer. We provide various coating options to accommodate our customers’ needs.


At Mayco Industries, we offer exceptional quality radiation shielding products, including lead brick, to help you meet your project needs. To learn more, give us a call today at 800.749.6061 or email sales@maycoindustries.com.