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Lead Pigs for Sale for Any Application

Pig lead has had an important place in in a range of industry applications for hundreds of years. Lead pig ingots have superior shielding properties, and at the right purity levels, will provide adequate protection from radiation. When you need the cleanest lead container pig in the industry, you can count on Mayco Industries. Our manufacturing process offers you the highest level of quality while providing the means to create custom alloys according to your exact specifications.

What is Pig Lead?

Pig Lead is a larger “chunk” of lead typically purchased for re-melt, or as ballast. Sold in 50-100 lb. bars, it is available in various alloys. Depending on your requirements, we add a range of additional metals to increase the strength of the lead, such as copper, antimony, sulfur, bismuth or another material to fit your specifications.

Like our lead ingots, Mayco lead pigs are clean and easy to work with, and we are able to provide them individually or in bundles. Our lead pig ingots are available in a range of styles for custom integration into your applications. Our standard manufacturing process yields the following for purchase:


PIG WITH EARS, 70 LB (+/- 3 LB) – typically in stock in standard alloys in quantities up to 5,000 lb.

Pig Lead

Pig Lead Manufactured for Performance

As the leaders in our industry, Mayco offers robust certification of all of our pig lead products should you need it. Our chemical analysis delivers supreme accuracy, according to federal regulations for foundry, weights and ballast or structural uses. Our lead pig ingots meet quality and purity thresholds according to the required specifications, offering more dependable use within your applications.

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Mayco Industries is the leader when it comes to manufacturing quality lead pig ingots. To find out more about our products, specifications and certifications, as well as our custom manufacturing of alloys, contact our team at (800) 749-6061.

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