Custom Poured Lead Ballast for All Your Weight Requirements

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From elevators to bridges, boats and more, there are many different applications for lead ballast. Because lead is such a dense metal, it is an excellent choice for weighing down a variety of different items, as it is possible to achieve a considerable weight with a relatively small volume. As industry leaders in the field of lead-based product manufacture (we are the largest producer of lead-based products in the U.S.), we have the capacity to create virtually any type of b02allast for any purpose. From tiny pieces of ballast which can be measured in ounces through to ballast which is hundreds of thousands of pounds in weight, we can manufacture a high-grade solution to your ballast requirements.


Mayco supplies Custom Lead Ballast and Counterweights for any application. Mayco is capable of Custom-Poured Lead Ballast up to 300,000 lbs. We can supply cut weights from extrusions, or we can cast custom weights and counterweights. Mayco offers numerous options to create virtually any shape and size to fit nearly any project.

Custom-Poured Lead Ballast
Custom-Poured Lead Ballast
Custom-Poured Lead Ballast
Custom-Poured Lead Ballast

Applications for custom weights include:


  • Ballast
  • Bridge Weights and Counterweights
  • Other counter weight applications
  • Elevator weights
  • Marine applications
  • Racing Weights
  • Aerospace

Counterweights for Sale That Are Built to Last

One of the advantages of using lead for ballast or counterweights is its durability and relative inertness. Lead can cope with tough weather conditions and is not affected adversely when exposed to salt water – a major advantage for marine installations and one of the main reasons why lead ballast for boats is a popular option. We offer both off-the-shelf lead weights, or we can customize a weight to provide not only an appropriate amount of poundage, but also a shape that is right for your needs. Even if you have a challenging project, we can normally get the job done.

Elevator Weights for Sale

Because we are such a large company, we are regularly asked to provide lead weights for many different uses. Elevator weights are just one area where we can meet your build specification, no matter how demanding it might be. To discuss your requirements in more detail, or for anything else, call us at (800) 749-6061.

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