Lead Ballast

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Lead is one of the heaviest metals on the periodic table. Because of its density, lead makes an exceptional material for ballast. Lead ballast is used to provide weight distribution or as a counterweight. At Mayco Industries, we can supply standard lead ballast bricks or large custom-cast lead ballast weighing thousands of pounds. Our ballast and weights are available in numerous options to create virtually any shape and size to fit nearly any project.

Customized Lead Ballast

A popular choice for ships, vehicles, and static ballast applications, lead ballast is a necessity for many different construction jobs. When you need ballast that’s accurately weighted and shaped to meet your project specifications, we can help. As the leading provider of lead and lead-based products in the U.S., we can successfully meet any order for lead ballast.

We Also Provide Lead Counterweights and Lead Shot Ballast

Lead counterweights are widely used in anything from elevators and bridges to cranes and fair rides. In addition to lead counterweights, we also stock lead shot ballast, which can be used to fill a variety of different shapes. For more information, visit one of our lead ballast pages.

A Seasoned Provider of Lead Ballast for Almost Any Purpose

At Mayco Industries, we have the machinery and expertise to design and manufacture lead ballast and counterweights to an exceptionally high standard, providing top-quality products for many different industries. No matter what industry standards you need to work with, we can design lead ballast that’s appropriately compliant. To find out more about our ballast options or to tell us about your project, call us at (800) 749-6061.

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