Lead as Radiation Shielding in Radiology Applications

At Mayco Industries, we offer lead products for various types of radiation shielding applications. We have provided these products for more than three decades. Not surprisingly, the radiology profession utilizes lead radiation shielding to a significant extent.


Lead Protection Details


Lead shielding is a great way to protect against scatter radiation. It is an effective material for this purpose due to its high molecular density, allowing to effectively blocking the penetration of x-rays and gamma rays. It is used in various radiology applications including x-ray imaging and PET rooms.


There are many ways that lead can be used to protect overexposure of patients, staff, and the general public. Patients and staff can be protected by lead aprons, body shields, and specially designed lead-lined enclosures near radiology equipment. The general public is protected in radiology departments through the installation of lead-lined doors, walls, and ceilings. The installation of lead shields for radiology helps prevent harmful exposure to radiation produced by various types of equipment in radiology environments.


Types of Radiation Shielding


Various types of radiation shields can provide protection during periods of long exposure. These include:


  • Table Shields
    These shields protect the lower portion of the body from scatter radiation. They are designed for use on C-arm fluoroscopy and x-ray fluoroscopy tables.
  • Full-Body Shields
    These shields provide protection at full height and also include an observation window for those watching or assisting with the procedure.
  • Overhead Shields
    These shields mount to the ceiling of the procedure room and provide a full 360 degree rotation along with pivoting capabilities for precision positioning above the patient.
  • Mobile Shields
    These shields are conveniently rolled and placed in the exact position they are needed. The clinician can use height-adjustable shields and extension arms for perfect adjustment for maximum efficiency and comfort.


At Mayco Industries, we offer our customers high-quality options that involve lead shields for radiology. These options provide reliable and safe protection and help you comply with necessary industry regulations and guidance. For more information about our radiation shielding products, call us today at 800.749.6061.