Lawrence Brand Shot and West Coast Magnum Shot – Proudly Made in the USA

At Mayco Industries, we offer a comprehensive selection of high-quality Made-in-the-USA Lawrence shot and West Coast Magnum Shot. These products are manufactured in Granite City, IL, and we’re proud to offer them to our American shooter customers. Whether you need quality bulk lead shot for sale, lead shot ballast, or other lead shot product, we have you covered.


Lawrence Brand Chilled Lead Shot


Lawrence chilled lead shot for sale has a consistent density and beautiful spherical shape. It is a highly polished shot, uniformly round encoded with graphite. It provides a slick surface for loading and pellet adjustment during the process of ignition. The hardness, accurate sizing, consistent density, and spherical quality are unmatched by Lawrence shot products. As a result, the product delivers tighter patterns and more effective results.


Lawrence Brand Magnum Lead Shot

The alloyed combination of Lawrence magnum lead shot with antimony increases its hardness. Subsequently it is highly polished to uniform round sphere shape and then coated with graphite. It provides same slickness, pellet adjustment, and performance capabilities as the chilled lead shot.


West Coast Graphite-Coated High Antimony Magnum Lead Shot

The performance of this shot matches that of top-of-the-line factory round ammunition, delivering tight patterns, maximum density, shorter strings, and greater range. It is also graphite coated.


Lawrence Brand Copper-Plated Lead Shot


Lawrence copper-plated bulk lead shot for sale consists of highly polished lead interior core, alloyed with antimony, the combination of which enhances hardness. The shot is plated with copper to increase its spherical quality and pellet hardness. The result is tighter patterns and deeper penetration of game.


Comparisons Among chilled, Magnum, and Plated Lead Shot


  • Chilled lead shot is somewhat softer than Magnum lead shot, while also slightly denser because it does not contain antimony. Numerous sports shooters and hunters prefer chilled lead shot due to its greater density and capability to deform and transfer energy.
  • Magnum lead shot is characteristically harder due to the presence of antimony in the alloy. Magnum shot is often preferred because it is able to maintain a consistent spherical shape.
  • Plated shot is the optimum choice for exceptional game loads. It achieves tighter patterns and provides enhanced penetration and transfer of energy qualities.


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