How to Choose X-Ray Lead Shields


Working in any type of industry where there is the potential risk of exposure to x-rays or gamma rays is always a risk. By ensuring you have the right type of x-ray lead shields in your protective clothing you can have the confidence in knowing you are protected fully by the smock, garment, or shield.

It is important to realize that not everyone will need the same level of protection. Knowing the level of radiation you will be exposed to will be critical in choosing x-ray lead shields. While there is no harm in having a higher level of protection than necessary, the weight of the more protective shields is higher than that of the shielding materials designed for lower exposure levels.


The Standards

For lead shielding products, we can provide shielding as thin as 1/64”. We offer our own MayShielding line, which offers sheet and plate lead to any specific alloy and size required for use as x-ray lead shields. We can create sheet alloy that is as thin as 0.015 inches to up to five inches in thickness. Designed to provide the protection you need, this is an ideal option for any type of application from medical and dental offers to use in nuclear or pharmaceutical applications.

Other options include protecting the physical space with lead-lined gypsum board, lead-lined plywood, and our x-ray glass and specialized protective frames. Combining all of these shielding factors can create the ideal space that is right for your specific protection needs.