High Quality Lead Lined Drywall for Radiation Shielding Applications

If you work in an application that requires protection from radiation, lead lined drywall may be the perfect solution for seamlessly building protection in to your business. Whether you are renovating or building a new construction, lead lined drywall allows you to provide protection from radiation, while keeping a clean design for your space. Lead is simply rolled onto the wall before the drywall is installed, making it fit seamlessly with the existing space. Lead-lined drywall can be used in a variety of applications, such as diagnostic imaging rooms used for MRIs and C.A.T. scans. Our Mayco lead-lined drywall is made from one roll of our lead sheet, and conforms to ASTM B 749-03 or QQ-L-201 F for lead laminated, according to fire code. In addition, our Type X-Ray Shielded Gypsum gypsum board is in accordance with ASTM C 1396 classification.


The lead-lined drywall we offer can be utilized in a variety of projects where radiation shielding is required, and conforms to all required industry regulations and guidance.


Customized Lead-Lined Drywall


At Mayco Industries, we offer sheet lead in a variety of thicknesses available according to the level of protection you need. This sheet lead can be used in lead lined drywall applications, and we are sure to have the right fit for your project requirements. The majority of the lead-lined gypsum board we offer is shipped in 5/8 inch thickness, but we also offer 1/2 inch thick lead-lined board. Whether you are working on a difficult project, or have questions about the materials you need, our staff of industry professionals are here to help. We have the capability to supply lead-lined drywall in large volumes very quickly, ensuring you have the materials you need to meet your construction schedule and achieve successful results.


Lead-lined Drywall Priced Competitively


As a top supplier of lead-based materials in the U.S., we deliver an extensive array of construction options for radiation shielding. The materials we employ may be used in various industry sectors, and are sold at a competitive price, making us an easy choice for companies of all types. In addition, we have established a culture of ongoing innovation and improvement, ensuring our lead-lined drywall and other products deliver exceptional value and performance every time.


To learn more about the options we offer with our lead-lined drywall products for radiation shielding, give us a call today at 800.749.6061 or send an email to sales@maycoindustries.com.