Get Saftey and Security with a Lead Vault

If you want a container or room that is safe and secure, a lead vault is one of the best choices. Mayco Industries is one of the most trusted names in the lead industry. We are the largest lead-based materials producer in the US today, and we serve a diverse range of industries, with plants in Alabama and Illinois.


Building Your Lead Vault or Cave with Mayco Products


Lead caves and containers are important for shielding the effects of radiation. You can depend on Mayco to give you products that meet or exceed all the standards set forth by the EPA and local municipalities. We can give you either flat or interlocking brick, and you can choose epoxy coated or powder coated bricks. Coating lead bricks gives people handling the materials greater protection and can keeps the bricks from cracking, or chipping.


Why You Should Choose Mayco


We specialize in one material: everything we sell is lead, or lead lined. That is the nature of our business, and we know it well. If it is made from lead, chances are we carry it! We create custom sizes for many products, so you do not have to settle for standard sizes if your applications call for something different.




We are able to offer so many products because we have the capability to perform so many processes:


  • Extrusion
  • Casting
  • Machining
  • Rolling
  • Coating


Design Assistance


Do you need help designing a lead vault or other lead containers? If so, our design experts are here for you no matter how big or small your project is.




When you use Mayco lead products, you get the protection of high-quality lead. Whether you’re building your own lead vault or need a custom-built container, you can depend on Mayco. Call us today at 800-749-6061 for more details.