Factors To Consider With Sheet Lead


Lead sheet and lead plate are two specialty products we offer at Mayco Industries. As the largest lead supplier in the United States, we have a top selection of standard and custom sheet lead and plate that simply cannot be provided by other metal distribution centers.


With other lead supply companies, many of the sizes of lead plate and sheet need to be special ordered. Mayco has those sizes as part of our standard inventory. This means we are able to fill your order in the space of a few days, instead of several weeks. Additionally, the turnaround time for these orders from other companies will depend on the volume of the order and that company’s ability to work with a lead manufacturer to provide the order. With Mayco, this is not an issue.


Our Production


Since 2009, our Birmingham, Alabama location housed own very own lead-alloy rolling mill. From this plant, we are able to provide sheet lead for all fabrication needs. With the cutting-edge technology and equipment that was custom designed and built for our facility, we have greatly enhanced our production capabilities. In addition to increasing production, we also have very strict quality-control standards, so all of our lead plate and sheet is made to the given specifications, with high levels of consistency, and to high tolerances.


We can provide industrial customers with sheet lead to the sizes required. Thicknesses of plate and sheet can range from 0.015 to up to 5 inches, our sheet and plate can be produced up to 25 feet in length and up to 100 inches in width. We can also manufacture rolled plate that weighs up to 10,000 pounds. These size ranges which will meet requirements for a range of applications, from X-ray shielding, to shielding for nuclear applications.


For more information on special orders of lead plate or sheet, contact us today! Reach us through online, or call us at 800.749.6061.