Customizing Lead Ballast Weights

One of the advantages of being the leader in the lead products manufacturing sector in the United States is that we get to work with a wide-range of very diverse companies and businesses. We are capable of working with contractors on everything from designing and building bridges, plumbing projects, naval applications, roofing services, stained-glass window projects, and even constructing shielding for nuclear facilities.


We also provide lead ballast weights and counterweights for a wide-range of applications. Our products can be found providing support for amazing works of art, ballast for boats and aerospace applications.


Customized Solutions


A key difference in working with Mayco Industries is our ability to specifically meet the needs of our customers. We have the skill, capacity and the extensive experience to craft up to 300,000-pounds of custom-poured lead ballast to the exact shapes our customers require.


We will work closely with your engineering team to ensure the customized lead ballast weights we produce are to the specifications and tolerances required. We are able to work on any scale, from small ballast weights, to the gigantic projects. We offer both standard ballast weight options and those that are unique and tailored for one specific application.


Shot Ballast


A very practical solution in lead ballast weights is our shot ballast. Shot can easily fill any type of container or space, making it a perfect option for applications that need lead ballast in an area that might be of an unusual space, or be difficult to reach. This includes bridge counterweights, as well as ballast in boats and ships.


Shot ballast is also very practical and offers a lower-cost solution for many applications. Our team can discuss the use of this type of ballast for your project, helping you to choose the ideal solution to meet your specifications and the budget.


To find out more, get in touch with our lead products experts at 800-749-6061.