Custom Lead Foil Sheet to Meet Your Industry Needs

We offer a wide range of high-grade lead products available in foil sheeting. Many customers appreciate this option because of its great versatility, being highly suitable for multiple environments and easy-to-use. It also has excellent malleability for the formation of sheet lead, often utilized for radiation shielding applications. This lead foil sheet is offered with or without adhesive backing, and comes in 50 to 75 pound rolls. We are able to supply you with the lead foil you need in the volume you require with very fast processing for both small and large orders.


Lead Foil Sheet Benefits


A number of benefits are available with use of lead foil sheet, which makes it highly popular. These include:


  • Has enough flexibility to bend and shape around tubes, canisters, and sharp corners. It is ideal for various construction applications.

  • Is easily cut with a utility knife or scissors.

  • Used with adhesive backing, the foil is held in place for easier application, avoiding the need to penetrate the lead for fastening purposes. This is particularly useful when conditions are not right for lead cutting.


Lead Foil Sheets for Sale


If you are in the market for high-quality lead foil sheets, we have the supply you need. All of our sheet lead foil products are manufactured to the same exceptional standards. Our inventory of foil sheets is impressive, and we can provide customized sheets according to your specific requirements.


Availability of Lead Foil Sheet


Some of the features of our lead foil sheet availability include:


  • Offered in five different thicknesses

  • Offered in multiple widths up to 12 inches

  • Offered with an adhesive back in 20 yard rolls with a 10-roll minimum


At Mayco Industries, we are able to produce a wide range custom lead foil sheets at competitive prices according to your specifications. We can also accommodate you with your size requirements if they happen to currently fall outside of our standard product offering sizes.

For more information about the custom sheet lead products we offer at Mayco Industries, give us a call today at 800.749.6061 or email us at