Choosing Lead Wire Spool Options


One of the products we offer at Mayco Industries is lead wire spool. Our lead wire ranges from the smallest standard diameter of just 0.093 inches to up to 0.750 inches in diameter. For easy handling, we can provide the wire in cut lengths, but most of our customers choose to order the wire on a drum or spool.

The lead wire spool typically contains a length of the wire equal to approximately 10 feet. We have a variety of spool sizes from 50 lb to 250 lb. Alternatively, we can coil it into drums for larger orders, if requested.


Uses of Lead Wire

We work with many different industries and many different businesses and manufacturers using lead wire spool. The very finest of the diameters of lead wire is a common addition to both hand-tied fishing flies as well as those produced commercially.

Lead is a good option for this application as it is heavier than other types of metals, so it adds weight that can be evenly distributed across the fly. Additionally, it is resistant to corrosion, so that it will last for an extensive period of time even when constantly in the water.


Bullet Wire

A very common use for our lead wire is our specialized bullet wire. This is sold in a variety of diameters and alloys to match with the size of dies in use in your system. The wire replaces the need to try to cast cores. Instead, it makes a ready-to-use application that saves time and cost in the production of bullets.

For large scale ammunitions manufacturing, these cost and time-saving factors add up, reducing the overall cost per unit of production. We can provide information on the specific alloys in our bullet wire and ensure you get just the diameter of lead wire you need for your specific production requirements.