Chilled Lead Shot For Sale by Mayco

For those new to reloading, the various terms used in the industry can be more than a bit confusing. At Mayco Industries, we offer chilled, magnum, copper plate, and hard-cast shot. Each option offers different benefits for shooters to consider.


A closer look at Mayco’s Lawrence Brand chilled shot for sale will make it easy to see why this is considered the best option for serious shooters and reloaders. It has long been known as the “Champions Choice,” and with good reason. The shot itself is highly polished and uniformly round, which is essential for providing a tight shot pattern, improving accuracy.


What Makes Shot “Chilled”?

In essence, the difference in the shot is really the amount of antimony used in the alloying of the lead. Antimony is a heavy metal, which is a gray, shiny metalloid used in a surprising number of products, including in medicines and cosmetics. Today, it is most often found alloyed with lead in electrical cables and solders. It is also used in glass, semiconductors, as a chemical catalyst, as well as in pigment in paints.


In the Lawrence Brand chilled shot for sale we offer at Mayco Industries, antimony is used to create a slightly softer, less dense shot. This makes the shot more accurate for short-range shooting. It is also preferred by hunters, as it provides a compact shot pattern.


Our chilled shot for sale is 2% of antimony, which is considered the ideal ratio by expert marksmen and hunters. All of the Lawrence Brand chilled shot is accurately sized and consistently dense, which makes reloading at home, even for those new to this part of the sport, a very easy process.


To learn more about the shot we offer for reloading, get in touch with us through the website or by phone at 800-749-6061.